Types of Inspections

Vince Burnett is a certified home inspector qualified to perform all of these common property inspections for houses, condos and town houses.

Pre-Listing Inspection

As a homeowner preparing to list your property for sale, you are likely anxious to get the best price. In this case, what you don’t know could cost you! A pre-listing home inspection will give you needed information about your home’s condition, avoiding surprises at closing time. Offering a professional home inspection report to the buyer can improve the likelihood of a sale, as well as the price.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Buying a home is a big decision. You want to be as well-informed as possible going in. Having the property inspected will help reduce your risk, determine what you may need to repair, and establish repair time-frames. Knowing the property’s condition will help you make an informed investment decision — either to buy, buy with repair conditions on the seller, or keep looking.

New Construction Deficiency Inspection

Even new homes can (and often do) have defects. These can be due to substandard construction methods, poor workmanship, cost-cutting, or items which have simply been overlooked, despite the builder’s best intentions. Sometimes builders and/or city building department inspectors fail to catch everything. A new home deficiency inspection can make the difference between happy home ownership and unpleasant surprises.

1-2-5-10 Home Warranty Inspection

The 1-2-5-10 National Home Warranty was put in place to protect new home owners from defects and questionable building practices. The warranty covers materials and workmanship for most areas of the home, but for limited time periods only, depending on the problem area. If there are any suspected defects in your home, within the warranty period, contact the National Home Warranty Dept. of B.C. Having a professional inspection will not only document the defect and the time line, but may also speed up the repair process.