Make sure your Inspection Report looks as good as you; so people know how reliable you are.

Home Insights Inspection Reporting System

About 3,000 reports per year are used by home inspectors: from soggy coastal cities to small towns with tough winters; and from new strata properties to old & new homes. We’ve inspected them all and developed a system that keep inspectors organized and customers happy.

Is It Perfect?

19 years of continual improvement and Home Insights Inspection Reporting System is still getting better with every revision. Why? Because home construction and renovation materials keep changing, building techniques are always evolving. You need to stay ahead of improvements, so we do it for you and deliver top quality in each report and with new upgrades every time it’s needed. Home Insights Inspection Reporting System is a combination of highly detailed checklists you can quickly mark what’s been done and the condition; and a narrative so you can add your comments when specific details are needed.

Home Insights meets the Current BC Standards of Practice

The Detail Advantage

  • With additional choices available for each item in the checklist, you don’t need to write so many notes to include options, some items on the Report have 18 options to you can move through it quickly without writing much;
  • More has gone into preparing the Report, so you can focus on what’s important;
  • Flexibility: the balance is between all the options we provide, and the space for your notes when needed. Then customers and realtors quickly learn what’s important.
  • Fast Delivery: NCR 2-part forms allows you to give the customer a their Report immediately and you keep a good copy for yourself. This is great when people are on a deadline.

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  • Save time preparing for every inspection, get to work faster and be thoroughly professional;
  • Record information to help you increase future business: referral sources and their contact information, inspection types, and much more.


Your Advantage

Home Inspectors get inspected by customers and realtors, just as a home gets a detailed inspection. Customers, realtors and mortgage professionals all want to find a reliable Home Inspector and are happy to pass along a name they are confident with. The potential buyer wants to know you are knowledgeable, reliable and unbiased:

  • They hear about you from someone or from your website, and feel confident enough to contact you;
  • You show up on time, ask professional questions, go over the property in all important details;
  • Then you give them the Report, that shows everything important on site.


2 Levels of Professionalism

Economy Report has the full 21 sections, plus Maintenance Tips and more. Deluxe Reports lets you give your customer their Report in a binder with index pages. Then they can show their friends, realtor and others so your name and company get an extra boost. Buy from a Home Inspector, not a publishing company, and get 1st hand help to boost your own business. We’ve probably been doing this much longer than you: learn and grow your business.

Trial Pack

Start of with 10 Reports for $200, then you’ll experience the difference. Get the Home Insights Inspection Reporting System that shows your knowledge of construction and gives your customers confidence they hired the right inspector.

Inspection Report Sales

Improve your personal branding with personalized contracts; the 2 part NCR form meets the Home Inspectors Association BC approved standards: 1-time customization setup is $100

  • Bonuses: with every 2 reports, get 1 complimentary bathroom set; with every 5 reports, get complimentary boiler set

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Trial Offer: First order of 10 Deluxe reports is only $24 per set ($240 total); 10 Economy Reports is $14 per set ($140 total)

Every Inspection Report comes with Home Inspectors Association BC approved generic contract OR you can get your own personalized contracts
(1 time custom set-up fee)